"We are convinced that companies with passion move the world and improve the quality of life of thousands of people. Our purpose is to provide you with multiple financial tools, with a superior response speed.

SMEs are those that improve people’s quality of life, and our purpose is to support them on this path. The response speed of traditional banks and finance companies is very slow, for the speed at which businesses move today.

At Maxxa we work under the premise of “Fast Finance” thanks to our rapid response technology platform and our human team motivated by your project, to deliver multiple financial products adapted to your needs, improving response times and accessibility to products, over those of the traditional financial market.

Some of the more than 25.000 companies
that work with us and inspire us.

Our Team

Financial services to
grow your business

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  • Credit Line of up to 50 million
  • Public and private market guarantees
  • Company insurance
  • Factoring


Companies work with us


Servicios Financieros para
hacer crecer tu negocio.

¡Estamos para ayudarte!

  • Maxxa créditos de hasta $400 MM
  • Garantías de Mercado Público y Privadas
  • Gestiona tu negocio online ¡gratis!


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