Technical Guarantees

We can generate guarantees 24/7, digitally and without immobilising your working capital, up to $ 10 million.
(For larger amounts, one of our executives will contact you)

We deliver the Bail Certificate at sight as a better alternative to the bank ticket and the guarantee policy.

Seriousness of the Offer

  • We guarantee that our client will fulfil what he is offering.
  • If our client wins the bid and does not accept the project, then the guarantee is executed.
  • You can request it 100% digital on our portal.

Advance of Funds

  • We guarantee that our client will invest the advances granted correctly to carry out the agreement.

Faithful Compliance with Contract

  • We guarantee that our client will fulfill the contract in the conditions that he promised, especially in terms of time and form. You can request it 100% digital on our portal.

Correct Execution of the Construction Site

  • We guarantee that our client will carry out the correct execution of maintenance work in a period after the delivery of the construction site.

Exchange of Withholdings

  • Guarantees the collection of withholdings in construction projects.
  • It supports the beneficiary and generates liquidity for our client and allows that the money does not remain with their immobilised money.

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Financial services to
grow your business

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  • Credit Line of up to 50 million
  • Public and private market guarantees
  • Company insurance
  • Factoring


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Servicios Financieros para
hacer crecer tu negocio.

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  • Maxxa créditos de hasta $400 MM
  • Garantías de Mercado Público y Privadas
  • Gestiona tu negocio online ¡gratis!


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