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Through a Line of Credit and Long-Term Credit with a real estate guarantee, granting greater access to entrepreneurs and better financing conditions, compared to the market.

Credit Line

Line of Credit with a renewable term, fixed rate and minimum monthly instalments. When requesting your credit you will obtain:

  • Opening the toll-free line.
  • Immediate credit transferred to your bank account.
  • Saving time and without factoring.
  • It will only be charged at time of use of the line.
  • The client has the option of prepaying the debt whenever they want at no cost.
  • Quick payouts that help keep working capital stable.

Long Term Credit

Maxxa offers you freely available business loans, with a fixed installment structure for the acquisition of goods or investments payable up to 20 years and $400 million CLP.

In order to obtain these credits, it is necessary to have a guarantee of a value greater than the credit in the name of the company or the guarantees.

Our platform allows you to request your products in a few steps, with an approval in 24 hours, where you can also manage your money by transferring it to your checking account and making payments simply and easily.

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Financial services to
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  • Credit Line of up to 50 million
  • Public and private market guarantees
  • Company insurance
  • Factoring


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Servicios Financieros para
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  • Maxxa créditos de hasta $400 MM
  • Garantías de Mercado Público y Privadas
  • Gestiona tu negocio online ¡gratis!


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